Windows 10 Home 32-64 Bit Bootable USB & Key code

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  • Windows 10 Home Bootable USB flash drive in 32/64 bit & Windows 10 Home key code. Allows you to install windows 10 Home in 32 or 64 bit.
  • This USB have many additional functions such as recover, restore and repair windows. Repair option fixes BOOTMGR & NTLDR is missing & Blue/Black screen of  Death (BSOD). Works on any make or model computer. THIS ITEM INCLUDES A WINDOWS KEY CODE THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO INSTALL WINDOWS.
  • You can use this USB flash drive to install a fresh copy of windows 10 Home or upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium, NOT professional.
  • This Product is EASY to use. Repair, Restore, Recover or Re-Install windows and Save Time and Money and Fix your computer yourself in minutes
  • RESTORE: Restore your Windows to an earlier PC working date that was previously saved and make your computer run like new! Does not require a windows key code
  • REPAIR: Searches for problems and attempts to automatically fix them. Command-line prompt for manual advanced recovery. Does not require a windows key code
  • RECOVER: Complete PC Backup and Recovery of a previous saved recovery. Does not require a windows key code
  • RE-INSTALL: Re-Install Windows to Factory Fresh eliminating Bloat ware, Viruses & spyware. A windows key code IS REQUIRED to activate, register and get future updates
  • Install option is a trial version that expires in few days and will get you a non authentic message if you do not enter a windows key code or use a non genuine key or use a key that has been used many times
  • 1) Insert the USB in an open usb slot
  • 2) Boot the Laptop or the PC
  • 3) Push F2 or F12 or other F function to access boot setup menu and select to Boot from USB device, Push Enter and follow screen